Thursday, May 14, 2015

Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle Fan-Created Videos

NARUTO!!! SASUKE!!! With manga-only followers constantly sharing details of all the big events that have taken place in the world of Naruto, it should be no secret the final battle of the manga is a fight between rivals, Naruto vs Sasuke. The Naruto Shippuden anime’s fillers are coming to an end later this month and the series is gearing up to follow Masashi Kishimoto’s great Naruto manga once again.

One question we fans have is how long until the final episode of the anime? We aren’t sure, but assuming we don’t receive another filler arc surprises, it should be by the end of the year. Thinking of it mathematically, there are 37 chapters left, so in actuality at a 2-chapter episode pace, the anime could end in October of this year. Of course that also assumes there will be no random breaks. So what can we do until then to get a Naruto vs Sasuke fix? Here’s something, enjoying a nicely done, fan-created version of the two rivals by YouTube user Chimera, which was just published a few days ago.

The video above got us curious to see what other fans have done so we looked for other versions of Naruto vs Sasuke’s final battle. The first one is by opunu and focuses mainly on Naruto manga chapter 698. Since it does occur after the events shown in the video above, it could actually be a continuation, even though it’s created by a completely different person!

The second is by our pal Anime Games Online who had a vision of the battle prior to the ending of the manga using Naruto Storm mods. Speaking of Storm, if the Naruto Shippuden anime has any unexpected breaks, Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2′s Naruto Storm 4 could be the first official animated debut of the fight.

The last one is by the people behind television network FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def. It’s a hilarious take of what the creators thought could be Naruto vs Sasuke’s final battle back in 2013. Anime-only watchers, don’t worry, it’s nothing like the final battle, but still, an enjoyable watch!

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